how to pay bluegreen resorts maintenance fees monthly

Quite a few Bluegreen owners are paying their maintenance fees a month or so before Christmas. There are few things that can put a damper on Christmas spirit than a large maintenance fee having to be paid in November. Ba Hum Bug! There are advantages and disadvantages to everything, but I'll tell you how I get around this.

Bluegreen won't bill you monthly that would create even more expense and overhead, but they don't send money back if you send it each month. I send 1/12 of my maintenance fee to Bluegreen every month. Just call them and ask their billing address, log into your online banking site, setup an automated payment of 1/12 your maintenance fees to go out each month.

A couple of days after your bank sends the automated payment your account on the Bluegreenonline website will show a credit inside ( ). So when November rolls around the bill is posted and the credit in your account pays it!

How do you know how much maintenance fees will be? Look at last years statement and that should be close. It wont be exact, you might have to pay a few more dollars because of adjustments from year to year. But its certainly better than paying it all at once. It works for me.

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